Sexual Abuse Therapy in Fort Worth, TX And Surrounding Areas

Sexual abuse can have lifelong impacts, affecting everything from your relationships to your physical and mental health.

If you’ve been the victim of sexual abuse, seeking professional help is an important first step toward recovery. Linda L. Baley, LPC in Fort Worth, TX, can help victims of sexual abuse work through the lingering emotional effects in order to move forward toward happier, healthier lives.

No matter when it takes place, sexual abuse can inflict deep and difficult-to-heal emotional wounds on its victims. In order to cope with the lingering pain, sexual abuse victims often turn to drugs or alcohol, adopt unhealthy sexual behaviors, or even consider suicide. Professional therapy may help heal the wounds associated with sexual abuse, allowing victims to put the pain behind them and move on with their lives.

Proactive Strategies for Prevention of Sexual Abuse

Linda L. Baley, LPC also has another focus in her practice involving a proactive strategy for the prevention of sexual abuse. She is qualified to help youth and families recognize and prevent abuse with a number of useful strategies. Many families are unaware of some problems occurring daily, and when detected early with professional interventions, the family can gain and move forward in a stronger and positive direction. The youth learn techniques through this therapy and he or she can make lasting changes for a healthy future.

Linda L. Baley, LPC will explain how her experience with sexual abuse therapy can help youth with sexual behavior problems.