Anxiety Treatment in Fort Worth, TX and Surrounding Areas

If you suffer from debilitating panic attacks, persistent worry, fears or phobias, or generalized anxiety, help is available. At Linda L. Baley, LPC in Fort Worth, TX, I provide anxiety treatment services in a caring and professional environment.

When Anxiety Takes Over

Many people feel anxious from time to time. But when feelings of anxiety occur regularly and begin to interfere with your job, relationships, or other aspects of your daily life, it’s time to pursue professional anxiety treatment.

Linda L. Baley, LPC, works to help patients better understand and manage the physical and psychological effects of anxiety disorders. Through personalized treatment, I seek to examine the causes of your anxiety, analyze the emotions associated with it, and reveal how you can change the negative thoughts and behaviors. Our goal is to help you experience freedom from the debilitating effects of anxiety disorders and improve your quality of life. Linda L. Baley, LPC will help you learn more about individualized anxiety treatment prior to scheduling the first session.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Panic Disorders

Some thoughts on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Panic Disorders

Fearful experiences in some people create fight or flight symptoms. Continued exposures trigger these symptoms and for many these physical symptoms are quite exhausting. The symptoms get encoded through perception as a threat in its own right. Anticipation of dread of another attack lessens the quality of life as one escapes and avoids just for relief from symptoms.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy has been used to successfully treat panic disorder.

If you want to master panic symptoms, may I suggest four important parts for freeing yourself from these restricting symptoms and regaining a better life:

  • Educate yourself on the nature of panic- by doing so you will recognize how to control
  • Using breathing techniques will reliably slow down fight or  flight responses all over your body
  • Cognitive restructuring – you must challenge the types of thoughts you think giving you incorrect permission to feel panicky and anxious
  • Finally, a slow, safe and controlled way of coping will involve exposing yourself to your most feared sensations.

There are many workbooks in the CBT field and I use several in my practice.

If the names of Donald Meichenbaum, and Aaron or Judith Beck are included in the references, you have found some author who cites good practices.