About Me

Linda L. Baley, LPC first found a passion working directly with people using behavioral techniques and seeing results in the quality of their lives.

She completed her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Texas Christian University and later earned a license from the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors in 1994(#12339). She also has an additional license in Texas; LSOTP (#95280).This license is required for her treatment, primarily of youth with sexual abusing problems. Linda L. Baley has designed programs and special techniques in this area for juvenile agencies and for youth and families in her private practice. These programs also include techniques for use with developmental disorders and she has been asked to review broadly published materials in this area. 

Linda L. Baley, LPC increased  her scope and experience, working with cognitive behavioral techniques; brief  solution focused  approaches, and mindfulness work for health and wellness for a larger number of clients.

Linda L. Baley, LPC opened a private practice in 2002, and she has a number of specialization areas to provide intensive as well as brief and/or consultation services. Among the list of therapeutic specialties, she has extensive experience with teen/family dynamics and issues, developmental disorders, and sexual abuse issues.

Linda L. Baley met the requirements of the Board of Directors and was accepted as a clinical member Of ATSA, the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. She has been a clinical member since 2002 and is currently in good standing with the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse.

She keeps an active life enjoying family and friends, old neighborhoods, art and nature, and New Mexico.