Licensed Therapist in Fort Worth, TX

Linda L. Baley is a Fort Worth, TX based therapist with over twenty years of experience in a wide variety of practice areas. She has committed to providing good clinical practice to assess and successfully treat a wide range of mental health concerns.  Whether the issue involves finding a general therapist or a specialized therapist within her scope of practice, her goal is to help you return to a healthy, growth enhancing life.

A detailed treatment plan addressing your issues and concerns will be provided. Our office is open by appointment Monday - Friday to serve you.  Our therapeutic practice areas include:


  • Family and teenage issues
  • Sexual abuse specializations
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Cognitive issues, Intellectual Disabilities with Individualized Therapeutic Approaches

Whether you are considering psychotherapy for the first time and/or have unresolved clinical disorders impacting your daily functioning, a consultation with a licensed professional may be a start to getting the help you need.  You will be personally contacted for an appointment, and through your first steps, a gratifying change may be a part of your future.        

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors


Are you having trouble coping with a traumatic event? Is there an issue that generally plagues you, compromising your quality of life? People can and do benefit from professional help, and in Fort Worth, TX, you  can contact Linda L. Baley, LPC to provide the effective  help you may need.

A Compassionate, Unique Approach

As an established, licensed therapist in Fort Worth, TX, Linda L. Baley, LPC believes in treating each patient as an individual. When it comes to therapy, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and when you work with Linda L. Baley, LPC, you'll get personalized, attentive care designed to help you overcome the issues that are holding you back.

Take the Next Step

If you've been struggling with a mental health or emotional issue, you should consider giving a therapist like Linda L. Baley, LPC an opportunity to meet with you. What Linda L. Baley, LPC offers is a way to make changes in your life, or if a change has been thrust on you, therapy will be provided to help you cope.